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Mushing School Alaska Fairbanks

This trip in Two Rivers with the Blue Kennels Mushing School Alaska,  does not have a set Itinerary.  Its not about what place you travel to and in which tent or cabin you sleep at a certain night. This trip is to teach about dog sledding or better said, the main actors: SLED DOGS.  This could be for you even being a complete beginner.  Or if you already have done a mushing trip or two and want to take the next step, being running a dog team on your own without a guide. It could go even further if your interest is in running a mid distance race, or ultimately leading up the a participation in the Yukon Quest or Iditarod.


This are Stephan driving 10 dogs and Katrin 8 dogs after spending a few weeks at the kennel


The emphasis is on dog care and learning how to properly run a dogteam.  That involves all aspects, including cleaning their dogyard and feeding each and every meal. A dogs love does go through the stomach… big time. It will take you a few days to familiarize yourself not only with the dogs, but also with the trail system, before actually going out on any trips alone. How long depends on your experience level, and the ability to learn the routines but also your orientation skills. The goal is to get you out on the trail as much as possible. How far each day, what trail, depends on the weather, dogs and again your abilities.  There might be days of taking out 3 teams of 6 dogs for 1.5 hrs each, days with two 3hrs runs or long trips of 6 to 8 hrs with a 12 dog team, if you can handle a 12 dog team safely.


Inuk and Finn leading Stephan´s 10 dog team


Of course learning the skills for overnight camping trips is another whole aspect. Feeding on the trail. Camping at night, no not in a cabin, nope no tent neither. Trail Camping that is. Quest Style.  But this is not a must neither, it is up to you, if you want to learn those skills or not, or just go for day runs ( or night runs ) and come back to the main house every night. If you need a day off from running dogs, no problem. But also if it is 50 below, there might be an unplanned day off running dogs.


Camping with the dogs, fancy camping with Arctic Oven Tents this is


This tour is NOT for you, if you want a pre scheduled day by day Itinerary. If that is what you want, check out one of the regular tours. But also it is clearly not for you if you do not like the dogs company. Yes the dogs will be in the house. Matter of fact, at times it might be hard to even find a spot on the couch.  Inuk, Finn, Maggot, Brock and others are quick to take their favorite spots. One goal of the tour is to encourage you to spend as much time with the dogs as possible off the gangline also.  Its about getting a bond to the team. Not to walk dogs on their collars to the gangline, its about building enough of a relation they that they follow you loose where ever you go with them. Its about spending your lunch break with them on the trail and not about reaching a preset destination.


To illustrate what I mean with competing for the couch


This is what it is all about. Spending time with the dogs. Here Nugget found a new friend


Ideally for this tour you come on your own or with a well suited, like minded traveling partner. Experience counts: I have finished 6 Yukon Quests, and 7 Iditarod. Received the " Vet´s Choice Award " in both races.


The Cost

$ 2100 wk ( Sunday to Saturday, 6 nights - 7 days ) if you stay 1 week

$ 2000 wk for 2 weeks ( Sunday to Saturday, 13 nights -14 days )

$ 1900 wk for 3 weeks

$ 1800 wk for 4 weeks or more



Dates: Season beginning October 1st 2015, ending April 12th 2016, we start taking reservations on June 1st 2015, so we can plan our " own " vacations. Thank you for you understanding.

Expeditions: $ 400 p.P. per day or $ 2800 per week.

Each year I am also offering one or two expedition style trips. You have a place or trail, far of the beaten track you want to see by dogteam? Give me a call. Or better yet, give Wayne and Scarlett Hall in Eagle all call. Because that is ALL they do. Mushing not for the faint of heart. They live and breathe dogs, as few people do: 

The pricing for those is roughly $ 400 per day per Person, or $ 2800 per week, but of course is also dependent on where we go and the logistics involved.  For 2015 there is no expedition planned yet. I will update here once we do. So for now, give Scarlett and Wayne a call. You will not be disappointed. They are the real deal. 

" When one finally arrives at the point where schedules are forgotten and becomes immersed in ancient rhythms, one begins to life. (Sigurd Olson)   In Musher terms: Run, Eat, Rest, Run.... , repeat." 


Cabin at 40 Mile River


It includes all meals while at the kennel. There is no cook. Cooking is done jointly and we take turns. Non alcoholic beverages are included. So is the Airport transfer or drive to the hotel you might choose before or after the tour. Of course all the dog related equipment. As for your personal gear, you need to come well equipped for cold, but also dogs jumping up on you. New fancy wardrobe, leave at home.  Let me know what you have and than I can let you know what you still need. All is available in Fairbanks. Best talk to me before you buy…. What some southern stores sell as winter gear works well up here for a nice spring day in downtown Fairbanks.

Not included:

Of course if you want to run a sled dog race, there is additional cost for food drops, entry fees, travel from and to the races. Check out this “ old “ page  for that to give you a rough idea. Also not included are hotels before and after the tour or any meals in restaurants, if we happen to stop in somewhere. Also no alcoholic beverages are included, but Pleasant Valley store is only a short 2 mile mush away, a quick trip with 4 dogs....