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CCEC Accomplished another Key HSE Improvement

Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (CCEC) closed another key HSE improvement project in Feb, 2012. The project related to the transferring of 110KV Hongcaofang–Cummins power line from CCEC to State Grid Chongqing Co.
From the very early days of the plant at CCEC, the power line from Hongcaofang to CCEC was the fixed assets of CCEC. Now, the power tower and power line, built 15 years ago, have serious corrosion which brings great risks on safety and could lead to a power blackout. In 2010, CCEC identified the opportunity of the renovation project initiated by State Grid Chongqing Co., and transferred this power line to State Grid Chongqing Co.
Wang Qingping, the transformer station leader of Sate Grid Chongqing Co., says, "After the transfer, we changed the power tower and power line and eliminated the hidden safety hazards. Meanwhile, due to the electrical cable being enlarged from 70mm2 to 95mm2, the power transmission losses have been reduced by 2%. As a result, it could lead to annual energy savings by 500,000kWh, equivalent to saving of 167 tons of coal and a reduction of the CO2 emission equivalent to 427 tons.”
Andrew Penca, CCEC General Manager, says, ‘In recent years, CCEC has not only focused on internal HSE improvements, but also the HSE improvements of the surrounding community and CCEC's key strategic community partners. Thanks to the outstanding work of many people, a lot of excellent projects have been completed and the transferring of Hongcaofang–Cummins power line is just another example.’
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