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CCEC Employees Support Health and Fitness at 2012 Chongqing Marathon

CCEC has always been committed to improving employees’ health and fitness. CCEC employees’ performance at 2012 Chongqing International Marathon testified this.
On Mar 17, ten employees took part in half Marathon, and thirty employees participated in 9km or 5km race. All the forty participants successfully completed the race and achieved good results, and some employees even created their personal best.
Zhong Li, CCEC Administration Director and Chairman of Local Diversity Council, said, “Since the foundation of CCEC Running Club, more than 80 employees participated in its activities for health and fitness. Compared with last year’s Chongqing Marathon, number of participants increased from 4 persons to 40 persons, and our record of half Marathon was shortened by 26 minutes and 31 seconds.”
Andrew Penca, CCEC General Manager, said, “This year, the fifth CCEC Employee Sports Meeting will be held to let more employees enjoy the health and happiness brought by sports.” He also expressed, “The success of CCEC in recent years cannot be achieved without the hard work and devotion of our employees, the company will continuously devote to improving employees’ health and fitness, motivating people to work with greater energy and higher efficiency, to create a better performance.”
Chongqing International Marathon is held every March in Chongqing. This year, more than 30000 players from 40 countries participate in the race. And since it is also the tryout of Chinese Marathon team for London Olympics, the race attracted many medias.
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