Juneau Glacier Dog Sled Tours Season and Orca Burger

Sebastian Schnülle · June 2, 2013 · 8 Comments

Feature June post

Hello from Juneau.

The Juneau Glacier Dog Sled Tours Season is in full swing.  I also had some time on Orca Burger. Time sure does fly. I knew after starting to work on the website in the winter that there would be times, where I have to neglect it, as getting ready for the summer season takes over. That summer season now has been running for close to a month already again.Hard to believe.


Bradford on tour with guests

After a bumpy start in early May, where mother nature decided to prolong winter, the end of May has been very pleasant with many sunny days in a row. Kind of unusual for Juneau. The Tours have been running smooth. Its always fun to see, how much the dogs like to be back on snow. The old dog crew knows what is going on. As soon as they see the helicopter, probably already long before that, on the ferry, they know where this trip is going and that good old snow is waiting for them. The new dogs, who have not been on the ice before, boy do they get exited when they first arrive in dog camp. They are usually not very exited about being loaded into the helicopter. Glacier life being new to them also does make for some noisy first nights, lots of barking going on. Same as the dogs have to get used to each other, each season is interesting how well the human crew gets along. Living on a glacier can be challenging. Living and working together always is. I make sure everybody has their own tent, so at least there is some retreat possible. The crew seems to gel well which allowed me some time for my other passion.Sailing.


Hocus is always ready to go.

Or better said in these waters: boating.....as there is not that much opportunity to actually sail with me usually being on a schedule and having to be back at a certain timeframe and distances between destinations pretty far at 7 knot sailboat speed.  A few days ago I explored parts of South East. It sure is beautiful, outright stunning country. Enjoy the pictures in the gallery below. There were so many fjords, bays and anchorages I skipped by. I know I'll have to go back to some of those spots. I particularly enjoyed Chatham Straight and the east cost of Baranof and Chichagof Islands. Deep bays, snow still almost down to the water line, and than throw in some warm springs, it does not get much better than that. Whales seem to frequent Chatham too, and are specially active around the capes.

Back to the dogs. I bring them down in two stages, which gives us some more time to build camp, and in early May business is also slower. I am back from the second trip. Now there are 71 dogs on the glacier, basically all of mine, even the Skunk Pups born on Jan 8th are up there, and than the team from Gerry Willomitzer. The Skunks have taken to their official job as greeters very well.


Goblin, one of the 3 official greeters

So I invite you. Take a trip to Juneau. Its well worth it. The best of both water worlds. Frozen state up on the ice, with a spectacular flight getting you there, and the liquid form of course. A ferry ride, cruise ship trip up the inside passage, is something you will never forget. I feel VERY lucky to be in a place, where I can run dogs in the morning to than go sailing at night. Looking forward to meet you this summer or, of course if you can not make it, just enjoy the pictures! There are more to come, I promise. Glacier Bay, is where I have my sights set on next.

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8 Responses to “Juneau Glacier Dog Sled Tours Season and Orca Burger”

  1. Ellen White

    I was on vacation in Juneau, Glacier Bay, & Sitka and booked this dog sledding tour in Juneau (not from a cruise). It was outstanding! After being cancelled by another company for rainy weather-- I have to commend Coastal Helicopters and the dog mushers, they braved the weather along with a group of us and did an outstanding job! The flight out was a smooth as any commercial flight I'd ever been on. The copter pilots did a safe, secure, smooth, and fantastic job flying those choppers! Once we landed on the glacier-- Wow, what a smooth running operation!

    We were immediately awed by the dog camp and the dogs! We were met by the mushers, Erik, was our musher and immediately introduced to the mushing team! We got acquainted with our pals and I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, the dogs or me! Then we received some instruction and off we went--- mushing right behind our guide Erik! As we were trailing along, Erik offered some information about the glacier, the area, and mostly the iditarod race. He was more than informative and answered all our questions without hesitation. We mushed for quite a while and enjoyed the ride and experience (I switched off mushing with my adult son). It was one of the many highlights to our Alaskan trip! I would highly recommend everyone taking this mushing trip, you won't regret it---it is awesome!

    Thank you to Blue Kennels for offering this opportunity and thank you to Erik our guide for the outstanding job!

    Ellen White

  2. Sebastian Schnülle Post author

    Hi Ellen, thanks for your comment and am glad to read you had a great time. I will pass this one to Erik! All the best, Sebastian

  3. Kristi

    I just recently returned from an Alaskan cruise and wanted to let you know that my absolute favorite "shore excursion" was sledding with your beautiful dogs!!
    We elected to book our trip through you rather than the one offered through the cruise line...we had hoped that going with a "private" company would allow for a more personal experience. You did not disappoint!!!
    We, (my parents, my brother and sister in law) were completely overwhelmed by the entire experience from the moment we got on the helicopter.
    Our guides, (Jimmy and Erik) were wonderful!! They were patient, kind, entertaining and FUN!!!
    Thank you for the amazing experience! It's one I won't soon forget!!
    Please say hello to Erik for me!!!

    • Sebastian Schnülle Post author

      Hello Kristi,
      I am glad to hear that you had a great time. I will pass on your greetings and also a copy of this mail, which sure will make the crew happy! Thanks for visiting!!!!


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