January 2013

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Feature Bananas January post

I have been home in the Yukon for several weeks now. As much as I love to travel, it is nice to sleep in my own bed again. But also, to be around my 4 legged friends, I am sure they have enjoyed their couch times too. The Skunks have grown like weeks and I harness broke them exactly 7 month after they were born. As typical sled dogs, they naturally took to running, but I have never seen dogs look this smooth right of the get go. They have seen a lot during their short 7 month, from growing up on the Herbert Glacier to free running here in Whitehorse and spending time with Yukon Quest and Iditarod Musher Gerry Willomitzer to now being back here at the kennel.

Time is drawing near for an annual northern tradition: The 30th edition of the 1000 Mile Yukon Quest, this year starting in Whitehorse. Although not running it myself I am happy to be involved in the position of a race judge. One of the first major events of the race was the food drop delivery last weekend on Saturday. It is like a family gathering, with mushers, fans, officials and volunteers meeting to stack huge piles of dogfood. On average a Quest Musher is delivering about 50 bags, each weighing about 40lbs, so 2000 Pounds of food and supplies. That times 26 mushers is 52.000 lbs!!! Now add to that the food drop of the Quest 300 race, for which I am the race Marshal, and at least one bale of straw per Musher per Checkpoint, than it is easy to tell, that logistics for the Quest are a huge undertaking.

At the same time as the mushers are preparing their trecks to Whitehorse, media from all over the world is getting ready to travel to the Yukon's Capitol to be part of the festivities. This weekend marks the official Vet Checks on Saturday and Sunday. There is dogrides from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Ship Yards Park in partnership with Muktuk Kennels and Sky High Wilderness Tours and yes.... the 2 week old Skunk puppies born on January 12th will be there too for children and adults alike..... to cuddle.

Happy trails.... it is Quest time soon.



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