Iditarod 2014 Northern Lights Tour

Sebastian Schnülle · October 30, 2013 · 1 Comment


While winter is slow to come in Fairbanks this fall, there is not doubt it will arrive. Time to look fast forward to the spring time, Iditarod time. What is the next best thing to running the race? Joining my friend Laurent Dick on his " Iditarod 2014 Northern Lights Tour ". Laurent is not only an excellent photographer, he has lived in Nome and knows all the right places to visit. Check out his tour here:

For the next couple to weeks I will leave the Greatland behind and travel to the old Homecountry.  Good old Germany. Not only does my mom turn 75 and I would really be in the doghouse if I do not show up, after all I did miss her 70th birthday, at the time too busy training for Iditarod. I am also doing a series of slide show presentations. Those presentations used to be very " dog heavy ", but over time, as my interests have slowly broadened again, have developed into showcasing much more of the beauty of Alaska´s diverse wildlife. It spans from the whales and glaciers of South East Alaska to the rugged shores of Kaktovik with its Polar Bear population well above the Arctic Circle. Here a link to the events: Talk Dates. 


And hopefully, by the time I return in early December, winter did make an appearance here in Fairbanks, as the first Mushing School Trips will begin December 7th. And yes, I did sign up for the Quest 300. Nope... no comeback. No desire to put in the monster hours of training it takes to compete at a top level. Too many other interests at this point in my life. BUT, I hope to make Gale´s and Peter´s dream of Finishing the Quest 300 a reality. So I will be traveling the trail with them, I am for sure looking forward to being able to travel at a more relaxed pace, not quite what I got used to during the past 2 years on the snowmachine, but still I should be able to stay 6 to 8 hrs in each Checkpoint, allowing for a nice nap and plenty of social time.


The new digs in Fairbanks. Pretty plush is all I can say. Been doing quite a bit of remodeling, tree cutting for parking space for my vehicle collection.  The dogs love it too. First time, I have males and females in separated yards, all fenced in. With yard light. Dang. Even music in the yard. I am still running around with a headlight on my head though. Old habits are hard to break, and I am slowly observing the that the others here also look like a Cyclops. After all it is handy, to not search for the darn headlamp all the time.

Happy trails, happy travels.





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  1. Ilka Seidel

    Hello Sebastian,
    just found your website an must say it is very interesting and the pictures are marvelous. We are really looking forward spending our holiday with you and the DOGS over X-Mas.
    By the way - Thank you for answering our questions about our trip so quickly.
    Have a nice time in Germany and hopefully you get to eat some Grünkohl :-)
    See you soon in Alaska,
    Ilka Seidel


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