The Skunks

The Skunks were born June 08th on the glacier. No we did not breed Skunks. Skunk is the mothers name and the dad is Grisman. Its a repeat, proven breeding. Luckily Skunk throws litters to my liking, more males than female. They are always gray or black. So Grisman´s color genes must be stronger. 5 boys one girl. They ended up being named of some of the great pilots from Coastal Helicopters, having only one woman pilot, the female was named Mary, the other 5 are Jag, Mike, Mack, Scott and Jason. Officially they were named 7 month after the day they were born, on January the 8th. That was the day they graduated from puppy status to being a Sled Dog. Yep, you got it. Their first run in harness. As most sled dogs, they were naturals. Second run out I met Rob Cooke, and we even had 2 nice passes. Perfect training. Usually I do not harness break dogs with 7 month. But these are some well traveled dogs. They have been riding on a snowmachine, flying in a helicopter, know dogboxes, been on a ferry, spend many weeks at Gerry Willomizters yard, been ATVíng etc. Their confidence shows that. Running loose with the team, normally puppies are behind the team. The Skunks were not. They would at time be far ahead, exploring on their own. As I have some highway crossings, that became too dangerous. So, no fuss, time too hook em up. Boy are they ever fun to drive!