Fall 2017

For the Fall of 2017:

I am looking forward to travel to Europe in the fall of 2017. From mid November 2017 to the end of December 2017 I will be available for slide show presentations. Talks can be motivational …

Keynote - Motivational Speaking

  • Personal appearance
  • Each presentation is individual
  • Authentic experiences and photographs
  • Winner of the Yukon Quest
  • Visit places few people have seen
  • Presentations in English or German
  • Secrets of Team building
  • Experience of successfully running a business

Upcoming Presentations

Keynote Feature picture
  • 10th Nov. 2013 Neuss with SK Touristik
  • 17th Nov. 2013 Leipzig with SK Touristik
  • 24th Nov. 2013 München with SK Touristik
  • 01st Dec. 2013 Bielefeld with SK Touristik
  • more dates to come

Upcoming Events

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