Dog Sledding Tours in Fairbanks Alaska

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Happy new years! its been a few months since my last post, time flies. I have been guiding Dog Sledding Tours in Fairbanks Alaska. After settling into Two Rivers I went on my annual speaking tour in Germany. My mom turned 75, which was another reason to make sure I am back in the old country in mid November. Travels took me all over Germany, meeting many old friends.Oh and the German food. What a feast. Sure needed a diet after the trip. Of course the " glacier husky hats " traveled across the pond too. IMG_0436


My dad loans me his car so I am mobile. A few weeks later when I checked on my german account I could see a few speeding tickets being deducted. Dang, it did not take me long to get used to the Autobahn speeds again. Old habits die hard.

Talk with SK

Beginning of December I returned back up north and pretty much had to hit it running with tours starting one day after I got back. Joy, Michael and Erik kept the fort down while I was gone and are now helping with the tours.


The weather has been unseasonably warm for much of the winter. Right after I got back that resulted in a nice ice rain storm which downed many trees and powerlines. We were without power for a while off and on. Back in Whitehorse, where I never had power, I could not have cared less, but here in Two Rivers with a house depended on the grid for heat, hot water and all... it was a different story. I have been working on setting up a generator backup system ever since, and for sure will put in a nice wood stove in the main house next summer. The guest cabin already is set up with wood heat in addition to the oil monitor.


Trips this winter so far have been of different nature with some regular trips of guests staying for a week, to some guests training for racing. We did run the Solstice 50 Mile Race, which started right around the corner at Pleasant Valley Store with 4 Teams and all finished well.


Peter and me are now gearing up for the Quest 300 starting in 3 weeks. We have been doing long back to back training runs. At times I can tell that Peter is wondering of what the heck he has gotten himself into.  The young dogs are doing well. I am mainly driving the team of Skunks. One 4 year old Skunk made it back to me. I gave him as a pup to Gerry Willomitzer, he sold " Big Mike " to Paige Drobny and now Paige gave him to me. Big Mike had nothing better to do than to play " hide " for a day soon after I got him. By now he is settled in nicely and often runs next to " Boat Mike ". Big Mike and Boat Mike, both Skunks, 3 years apart in age. The Mini Skunks Ozzy, Lobben and Goblin are also running well.  Inuk and Finn are patient teachers. Due to their advanced age ( Gerry told me I need a wheel chair for them in 2010 ) the alternate leading the gang on every second run. Inuk is snoozing on the bed next to me this cold 35 below morning. The rest of the day will be spend doing the beloved food drops. Assembling all the kibble, meat, fats, massage oil,  booties and other stuff needed for the races. After the Quest 300 we are headed for the Denali Doubles Race. 20 dogs, 2 Musher. Stephan is coming over from Germany for that. I am looking forward to getting back on the Denali Highway and to drive 20 dogs. Not looking forward to putting on 80 booties.


Hopefully by mid week it warms up again for more long training runs. Tours and races are pretty solidly booked all the way to April 6th. That leaves one month to get ready for the glacier tours in Juneau. I sure hope to sneak in a trip to thaw out somewhere warm in between.

Happy Trails from Two Rivers

Sebastian and Team


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    Hi Sab,

    a real busy program to do till March. Save a little strengh for our tour then.
    I think we´ll need it.

    Greetings from Swabian Mountains


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