Some more pictures and observations from Kaktovik

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Feature Day 4

Bruce Inglangasak originally is from Aklavik. While gabbing politics on the boat we came to talk about his hometown and all for sudden Bruce goes. I know you. You were in town with a Canoe when I worked for the barge company. Sure enough, all the way back in 1996, when I paddled down the Mackenzie River I went to Aklavik. The North is a small place.

Bruce has moved to Kaktovik  about a decade ago, as he has many …

Polar Bear Viewing in Kaktovik Alaska

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Test Feature 2

After the glacier season came to an end, I had hardly time to unpack my bags. The next adventure was calling, a Polar Bear Viewing Trip to Kaktovik Alaska. It all started with visiting Karine and Kelsey in Churchill last fall, and now I am hooked. Not that I have not been hooked to adventures in the north before, but the Polar Bears are a new element.

Although I had heard the name Kaktovik before, I could not even really …

End of July 2013

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Detail 29 July

O.K., I have not been keeping up with this " post " or " blog " thing at all. Keep on scrolling down below the first pictures.... more text and pictures to come.

End of July. Wow, summer is flying by very quick. I sure have had " easier " ones, but I am not going to get into the negative details here, as after all the nice stuff is much more fun.  While in May and June I was …

Juneau Glacier Dog Sled Tours Season and Orca Burger

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Feature June post

Hello from Juneau.

The Juneau Glacier Dog Sled Tours Season is in full swing.  I also had some time on Orca Burger. Time sure does fly. I knew after starting to work on the website in the winter that there would be times, where I have to neglect it, as getting ready for the summer season takes over. That summer season now has been running for close to a month already again.Hard to believe.


Bradford on tour with guests

After …