December 2016 Dog Training

Sebastian Schnülle · December 15, 2016 · 1 Comment


After the 2016 Glacier season came to an end, I did some traveling, giving in to my second passion: Sailing. Travels took me from Seattle, to sailing on the North Sea ( my old stomping grounds ) to a very nice trip to Spain. My goal was to wait long enough, till ATV training had some to an end, I could run sleds right away upon my return.

Run dogs run! June 2015

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I let the dogs do the talking in this post. One of our guests asked before the trip, if it was o.k. to put a gopro harness and camera on a dog. Sure...... And here is the outcome. Thank you Isel!

Please click on the video below

Juneau Glacier Season 2015 beginning

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Time has flown once again. A busy winter of northern lights tours has come to an end. While the last snow is melting in Two Rivers, there is still snow piling up on the Herbert Glacier. Much of Alaska has been snow starved during the past season, South East Alaska not being an exception. They did receive above average amounts of precipitation, most of it as rain. How high up was the transition to snow? That was the big question!…

Glacier season in full swing

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Hard to believe it is June already. Time sure has been flying. Yikes my last post was during Iditarod..... After following the Iditarod to Nome I headed back to Fairbanks quickly and the packing game resumed as I had another 4 weeks of dog sled trips ahead, most of it camping trips. During our last night out on April 12th we saw some beautiful northern lights, the temperature was 10 below. Perfect way to end the season. Then the next …