Summer Tours

Juneau Dog Sledding Tour $ 510

  • Safe & Scenic Helicopter Flight
  • Drive an Iditarod team of 12 to 14 Alaskan Huskies
  • Meet Iditarod & Yukon Quest Mushers
  • Glacier boots and jackets included
  • Have your pictures taken with Iditarod race bibs

Winter Tours


Keynote - Motivational Speaking

  • Personal appearance
  • Each presentation is individual
  • Authentic experiences and photographs
  • Winner of the Yukon Quest
  • Visit places few people have seen
  • Presentations in English or German
  • Secrets of Team building
  • Experience of successfully running a business

Race Coverage


Juneau Glacier Season 2015 beginning

Sebastian Schnülle · April 26, 2015 · 2 Comments


Time has flown once again. A busy winter of northern lights tours has come to an end. While the last snow is melting in Two Rivers, there is still snow piling up on the Herbert Glacier. Much of Alaska has been snow starved during the past season, South East Alaska not being an exception. They did receive above average amounts of precipitation, most of it as rain. How high up was the transition to snow? That was the big question!

A reconnaissance flight provided the answer. There seem to be …

Calendar 2015

The new 2015 Calendar with pictures of sled dogs, whales and Polar Bears.

SOLD OUT, sorry!